How we can help
your business?

We have many idea and trick to expand your business

Build a Client Network

Build a client network through lead utilization, prospecting, referrals, community involvement and financial seminars

  • We deal with reputable financial and service provider to provide best digital payment solutions for our clients.
  • We provide digital and marketing strategic development.
  • We work together with our client to build network, branding and superior customer experience

Create Smart Nation

Building a smart nation with tangible benefits for our community and businesses

Significant progress made to improve quality of life of people and support businesses with align Smart Nation initiatives

01   Online & Offline Payment Solution
02   Buy Now Pay Later
03   Alpha Smart Solution & Digital Marketing

04   Secure Payment Link
05   Government’s Initiatives


Online & Offline
Payment Solution

Alpha Android Terminal
Alpha Android Terminal takes advantage of the unlimited expansion ability of internet to make its payment functions more powerful while opening doors to many new business applications, which satisfies the most demanding expectations of merchants, retailers and banks.

Online Payment Channel
Alpha delivered seamless and simplify payment experience to online business and customers. Our online payment gateway and digital solution supports all payment channels and easy for integration.


Buy Now Pay Later

  • In extending our digital payment services, our company intend to provide “Buy Now, Pay Later” services as payment option to consumers via our app. Consumers can split their payment up to max 6 months instalments.
  • We will work with merchants to enable these services directly from merchant’s check out page (online) or in-store via POS, terminal device or mobile apps.


Alpha Smart Solution
& Social Digital Marketing

  • We are also specialized in Website, E-commerce, App development, Virtual Expo and Digital marketing such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing and other smart solutions to help business owner on generating more revenue.
  • We can help you to grow your business through strategic planning and choosing the right digital channels for marketing and advertising purpose to meet your objective and goal.


Secure Payment Link

A payment link is a way to request payment from customers who are paying for your goods or services outside of a traditional online store purchase. It’s essentially a “Pay Now” or “Pay Invoice” button sent to customers via email. Once those customers click the payment button, they’re taken to a payment page showing the amount due. They can securely fill in billing and shipping information, and the process is complete.


Government’s Initiatives For Digitalisation

( Certified & Approver Digital Service Provider by Sidec & MDEC )

  • Going digital is the only way for businesses to stay afloat under the current Covid-19 pandemic. To serve our e-Commerce, Startup and SME communities better, the Government through SIDEC & MDEC has launched the following initiatives:
  • Selangor SME Digitalisation Matching Grant. The State Government is providing a 50% matching grant or a maximum of RM5,000 for state SMEs to sign up for their chosen digital service solutions.

Bridging Merchant & Member

Bridging Merchants and Members together to create a Smart Ecosystem

01   Co-Branding Card
02   Prepaid Card & E-wallet
03   Alpha Workplace

04   Apha Store Referral Program
05   Flagship Programme

Prepaid Mastercard

Safe and secure payment solution that is globally accepted and allows you to make online and over the counter purchases, pay bills, withdraw cash while enjoy cashback

01   Safe & secure
02   Global Accepted
03   Nationwide Withdrawal
04   Online Shopping
05   Bill Payment

06   Mobile Top Up
07   Cashback Rewards
08   Transaction Notification
09   Spending Tracker

Co-Branding  Card

VISA  |  Mastercard  |  UnionPay

01   Custom Branded
02   Universally Accepted
03   Fast Cash Access

04   Flexible Fulfillment
05   Seamless Experiences
06   100% Rewarding

Alpha Store Referral Program

The program is a rewards redemption program designed for you to earn Points.

  • Every Ringgit spent on the Co-Brand Prepaid Visa/Master/ UnionPay will be entitle points rewards
  • Spending anywhere to enjoy rewards
  • Shopping online & offline worldwide

Alpha Workplace

We also provide Employee Benefit Program to your employee, your employee hard earned salary when crediting salary into Prepaid Visa / Mastercard. Employee can get more rebate at Alpha Store or Prepaid Visa / Mastercard wallet to redeem product or voucher.

Flagship Programme

  • Flagship Programme Alpha CSR University
  • Programme Alpha Award Night Programme